Joanne Mounce

Lodi City Council


Public Safety is foremost of JoAnneís Lodi concerns. Ms. Mounce is committed to quality fire and police protection.

As a third generation Lodian, JoAnne will do her utmost to protect the jewel of our city, Lodi Lake.

The creation and retention of quality jobs is extremely important to JoAnne Mounce. JoAnne is committed to the protection of Lodiís agricultural heritage.

As a business owner, JoAnne recognizes the importance of fiscal responsibility. JoAnne will support only financially sound city recommendations.

Lodiís senior citizens are our most valuable asset. JoAnne is a strong advocate of senior services, housing, and programs.

In keeping with Lodiís unique qualities, JoAnne will work to preserve our valuable greenbelt.

The youth of Lodi is our future. Education, family, and church programs are crucial to Lodiís young people. JoAnne will support efforts to provide adequate activities for our children.

JoAnne believes that quality city services should be available to all the citizens of Lodi.
Ms. Mounce has proven her commitment to the aging areas of Lodi, and will actively encourage staff to find solutions to Eastside issues.