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As your city council member, I have proven my genuine concern and interest in serving the Lodi community.

As evidenced by my past volunteerism and service to the community, I will continue to work hard to preserve the quality of life we all enjoy in Lodi.

By casting your vote for me in November, you will allow me to listen to your concerns and guide your ideas into Lodi city policy and procedures.

As a graduate of SJD College, owner of JoAnne’s Bookkeeping Service, and firm administrator of Dougherty CPAs, Inc., I possess over thirty years of financial experience.

I am an honest, hardworking, woman, dedicated to the continued financial success and accountability of the city to the owners, you. . . the citizens of Lodi.

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Contact me with any issues or concerns you may have regarding our community, and let me know how I may assist you. I look forward to hearing from you. Please send email to jmounce@lodicitycouncil.com or the phone number and address on my contact page.

My Perspective

Job Creation

The creation and retention of quality jobs is extremely important to JoAnne Mounce. JoAnne is committed to the protection of Lodi’s agricultural heritage.

Public Safety

Public Safety is foremost of JoAnne’s Lodi concerns. Ms. Mounce is committed to quality fire and police protection.

Lodi Lake

As a third generation Lodian, JoAnne will do her utmost to protect the jewel of our city, Lodi Lake.

Youth of Lodi

The youth of Lodi is our future. Education, family, and church programs are crucial to Lodi’s young people. JoAnne will support efforts to provide adequate activities for our children.

Fiscal Responsibility

As a business owner, JoAnne recognizes the importance of fiscal responsibility. JoAnne will support only financially sound city recommendations.

Senior Citizens

Lodi’s senior citizens are our most valuable asset. JoAnne is a strong advocate of senior services, housing, and programs.


In keeping with Lodi’s unique qualities, JoAnne will work to preserve our valuable greenbelt.

Quality City Services

JoAnne believes that quality city services should be available to all the citizens of Lodi. Ms. Mounce has proven her commitment to the aging areas of Lodi, and will actively encourage staff to find solutions to Eastside issues.

My Supporters

Friends of JoAnne Mounce are excited to announce the endorsement of JoAnne Mounce for Lodi City Council by the supporters below.

In the News

JoAnne Mounce has made considerable impact within the community.